Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime

Set up a house washing service in Denver, Hickory, Maiden, NC or the surrounding area

Don't let dirt and grime diminish your property value. Hire Steam on Wheels Heated Pressure Washing for exterior cleaning services. We offer siding, fence, deck, porch and house washing services in Denver, Hickory, Maiden, NC and the surrounding area. With no size limitations or siding types off-limits, the opportunities for a sparkling surface are endless.

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Quality work from start to finish

We offer exceptional house washing services from start to finish. You'll feel at ease knowing that we:

  • Protect all of your plants and vegetation
  • Use nontoxic, pet-safe cleaning solutions
  • Apply a pretreatment for maximum efficiency
  • Allow the pretreatment to soak before continuing

We use plenty of water to dilute the cleaning chemicals we use and to protect your grass and surrounding vegetation.

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